Types of Malt Liquor

Malt liquor might have different definitions but it is a North American term defined as beers with high alcoholic content or beer that has added corn, sugar or any other substances that serves to increase their alcohol content. In most cases it refers to any alcoholic drink whose alcohol content exceeds 5% and is packed in larger containers than traditional beer. Below you will find an incomplete but growing list of malt liquor types.

Types of Malt Liquor

The following are some common types of malt liquor brands.

Magnum 40 – This is one of the oldest types of malt liquor in the market today. Magnum 40 has an alcohol content of about 6.0%. It is literally one of the cheapest on the market today.

Silver Thunder – This is a malt liquor named after a natural phenomenon but it is guaranteed to sit easy with anyone who drinks it. Silver thunder has an alcohol content of approximately 5.8% and it is the oldest faithful of malt liquors. Also, it is clean and cheap.

Steel Reserve – This is a malt liquor that tastes better than the others. As compared to the aforementioned types, it has the highest value of alcohol content, up to 8.1%. It is one of the malt liquor types which can retain its flavor even after sitting for a long period of time. It is also the cheapest malt liquor in the market.

Hurricane – Hurricane has an alcohol content of about 7.0%.

Mickey’s – Mickey’s has an overwhelming mild flavor which makes it one of the best tasting on the list. Therefore, if you want something that will go down easily, then perhaps you should make Mickey’s your most preferred drink of choice. Mickey’s alcohol content is approximately 5.7%.

Earthquake – This type of malt liquor is commonly referred to as death water with alcohol content of 12%. This suggests that if you need malt liquor that will make you black out quickly than you expect, then Earthquake should be your drink of choice. It tastes absolutely terrible, especially to first time drinkers. However, it tastes a lot better cold so you should brace yourself to finish before it gets warm.

Colt 45 – This is one of the cheapest types of malt liquor consumed by a majority of teenagers. It has a mild taste which can make you drunk quickly and more efficiently every time. As compared to other high alcoholic content drinks, Colt 45 has an alcoholic content of 5.6% and hence the reason why it is more popular amongst teenagers.

That’s what I have so far but I expect the list will grow over time. There are obviously many more, and if I’ve forgotten your favorite, let me know in the comments.

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