Types of Malibu Rum

Malibu rum is a low proof  (42 proof) flavored rum that blends rum and coconut. In addition to their main type of rum – Malibu Original, they also make a variety of other rum products. Below is a list of all of the types of Malibu Rum.

Malibu Original – This is Malibu’s first product, hence the name, and it’s a smooth blend of rum and coconut.

Malibu Dark – Less sweetness and more rummy goodness is what makes this rum what it is. Malibu black is %35 abv (70 proof).

Malibu Red – This is a blend of Malibu rum and silver tequila.

Malibu Flavored Rums

Malibu Mango – Mango flavored rum

Malibu Sunshine – Malibu blended with various citrus fruits

Malibu Island Melon – Malibu blended with a mix of juicy melons

Malibu Pineapple – Pineapple flavored rum

Malibu Banana – Banana flavored rum

That’s all of the types of Malibu rum out there at the time of me posting this. I will keep it updated if or when they come out with anything new.

Malibu Passion Fruit – Passion fruit flavored rum

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