Types of Liquor Glasses

Liquor glasses are stylish glassware designed exclusively to enhance after dinner-spirits. Alcoholic beverages are served in specific glassware to distinguish the drink and to accommodate various alcohols. Liquor glasses are a beautiful combination of function and pleasure which highlights the flavor, style, appearance and attitude of each drink. The shape of the liquor glass is designed in such a way to enhance the drinking experience by accentuating the deep color and movement of the liquid. There are several types of liquor glasses available to expose and indulge yourself to the luxury and fine aroma of your favorite liquor.

Types of Liquor Glasses

Although alcoholic drinks can be served in any type of glass one should realize that the glass in which it is served optimizes the flavor and taste of the drink. The following are the various types of liquor glasses.

Collins Glass –  This glass is similar to that of a highball glass. This tall glass was named basically for a drink that was named after a London bartender. It was initially used to serve collin gin drinks but now used commonly to serve soft drinks, tropical juices and alcoholic juices.

Highball Glass –  It is a tall, slender glass typically used to serve highball cocktails and other mixed drinks. These glasses are basically designed for drinks that are light and refreshing.

Absinthe Glass –  These glasses are specially meant for the absinthe ritual. Initially absinthe was served in standard glasses by adding just plain water. Now to prepare absinthe you will need an absinthe glass, an absinthe spoon, water and sugar.

Sherry Glass – This is a type of glassware meant exclusively for the purpose of serving aromatic alcoholic beverages.

Glencairn Whiskey Glass – This glass is designed and marketed by the Glencairn Crystal Ltd, specially meant to savor the taste of fine whiskey.

Shot Glasses – They are the traditional forms of liquor glasses and are best known in bars. They are made of a thick glass especially at the base, mainly to withstand the force when slammed on the bar table.

Old Fashioned Glass – This type of glass is also known as a rocks glass or lowball glass and is usually used to drink whiskey, scotch, any short mixed drinks or anything served on the rocks. Old fashioned glasses are generally squat tumblers that hold between 5 to 10 ounces.

Whiskey Sour Glass – This glass is somewhat similar to the old-fashioned glass but shaped differently. They are thin stemmed with a wide opening and used to serve whiskey sour which is a mixed drink containing whiskey, sour mix and sugar.

Cocktail Glass – This is a stemmed glass and has a familiar conical shape with a wide rim. These glasses can be commonly seen in dinner parties and night clubs. Generally martini is served in this type of glass to render a sophisticated presentation.

Brandy Snifter – These types of glasses are designed in the way similar to those of the red wine glasses. They are perfect for swirling, sniffing and enjoying fine brandy. The brim is narrow and the bottom is wide so as to retain the aroma and to concentrate the nuances of the drink within the glass.

Dessert Drink Glassware –  Sweet fortified wines or mixed alcoholic drinks are served as desserts in certain unique glasses. If the alcoholic dessert drink implements any fruit or ice cream in it then it is served in a special type of glass that has a deep bowled bottom and a flared rim.

Knowing the types of glasses in which liquor can be served allows you to have an insight of how to serve drinks in the appropriate glasses to ensure an aromatic and satisfying drinking experience.

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  1. I’m looking for Arak glasses. This is a middle eastern drink mostly known in Lebanon. It is a small glass with some kind of marking on the glass to indicate how much Arak and how much water. These are the actual serving glasses with the marking.

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