Types of Dark Beer

Beer is one of the most popularly accepted alcoholic beverages. Beer has 4% to 6% alcohol content in them and is the third most popular drink after water and tea. Beers are of different types and can be categorized according to the color, ingredients and alcohol content. These altogether is known as beer styles which keeps varying and depends mainly on the places or the shops the beers are being bought from and also on the weather and climate of these particular places. There are several types of beers which can again be sub-divided into sub-types. Following are some of the different types of dark beers.

Stout – This is one of the very famous dark beers which are made of roasted malt. It also contains water and yeast. The stouts are not necessarily dark in color. These beers are also available as brown blonde colored beers. These beers were primarily very popular during the 17th century period. There are several types of stout beers as well. The dry or Irish stout is the darkest of them all. These are characterized to be the light beers because of the alcohol content being low. There are various types of porters other than this as well. All of them are characterized with the darkness of the beer.

English Porter – This is also another dark styled beer which originated in London during the 18th century. The name porter was settled to be the name of these beers because if these beers being too much popular in the streets surrounding the river Porters. These beers have been highly in demand since ages and are stilled preferred to be one of the best dark beers. These beers have been popular in several parts of Europe and outside of Europe. The popularity has increased with years and lately has been seen to be accepted by the people of this era as well.

Munich Dunkel – This is considered to be the richest among the other beers because of the content of the beer being so rich itself. These beers are smooth to have and are too tasty. This is one of the very popular dark beers. The brewing process involved in making these beers makes it one of the very tasty beverages to have at any time of the day. Even the bitterness of these beers is not that much compared to the other beers of this kind.

Schwarzbier – This is another very popular dark beer. The color of these beers is entirely black. The alcohol content never exceeds 5% for these beers. There are even flavored beers under this name which has the flavor of coffees and chocolates as well. The black color of these beers comes due to roasting the ingredients while preparing the beers.

Thus, these were some of the very popular types of dark beers that are in demand these days. There are certain places where the beers are mixed with several other ingredients to make it popular and special. Beer, being one of the most popular beverages should be considered to be well approved anywhere and anytime.

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