Types of Beer Glasses

Beer glasses which are also known as beer glassware in some context play an important role in making ones drink enjoyable. There are several types of beer glasses where each one is specially designed for taking a particular type of beer. If you get it, the kind of beer being taken dictates the kind of glass to be used. Just for the fun of it and probable applications in future, below is valuable knowledge on some of the most popular of beer glasses and the type of drink they are used for.

The Pint Glass

This is one of the most popular and widely used beer glasses though it is often associated with English pubs. It usually holds one imperial pint or 16 ounces. It  should be used to drink English stouts and ales though many bars just use it as their standard beer glass for all beers. It has a truncated conical look. There are also larger versions of the pint glass shape that come in 20 ounce sizes.

The Pilsner Glass

This is probably the second most widely used beer glass. Like many others it has a narrow base and a wide mouth although it is does not have any curves on its sides. It is taller and thinner than a pint glass and can come with or without a stem. Just like the name suggests, the glass is meant for used with pilsner a.k.a. pale lagers.

Weizen Glass

Also known as “wheat beer glasses,” these kind of glasses were developed in Germany which explains the reason why people also call them Weizenbier. The glass is large and can hold up to 18 0unces of beer. With regards to shape, a wheat beer glass has a narrow bottom and widens towards its top with a bit of a flare as it widens towards the top. This glass is both wider than and taller than a pilsner glass.

Beer Steins

These are normally large containers which are made from porcelain, pewter or silver. Most of them are decorated using precious stones or have detailed scrolling on their sides. In addition beer steins have a lid which can be lifted by its user when drinking. However popular, beer steins are currently being used for display rather than drinking.

The Tulip Glass

The glass bears such a shape that the rim is not as wide as the midpoint. Tulip glasses were originally used for white wines although they are currently being used for ales. The shape which slight resembles one half of an hour glass is not just for decoration but is useful in retaining the aroma from Belgian and Scottish ales.

The Yard Of Ale

As you would probably guess, this kind of glass got its name from its length which is about one yard tall. It has a round bottom and shaft but just like the tulip glass, it becomes wide at the top. Although people used this kind of glasses for normal drinking in the past, nowadays they are popular and mostly used for drinking games.

Becher and Stange

Both glasses have the same cylindrical shape and are mostly used to serve Altbeir and Kolsch kinds of beer. The only difference between these two types of beer glasses is that becher is a bit wider and shorter than the later.

The Flute Glass

The flute glass is used for serving champagne and other kinds of wine in some contexts although it also popular with people who love Belgian lambic beers and those which are flavored using fruits.

There you have a list of all of the types of beer glasses available. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.

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  1. You said an imperial pint is 16 oz. Actually, that would be a US pint glass, which holds 16 US ounces. An imperial pint glass (a.k.a. British pint glass) holds 20 imperial ounces, which works out to about 19.2 US ounces.

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