Types of Bacardi Rum

Bacardi is a Puerto Rican rum and it’s one of the most popular brands out there. Founded in 1862, this brand has expanded well beyond it’s rummy roots, but it’s their rum that most people know the brand by. They have a wide variety of rum products available, and below is an all inclusive list the types of Bacardi rum.

Bacardi’s Traditional Rums

Bacardi Superior – This is Bacardi’s light rum, and it was the first product ever made by the company. It’s aged two years before being blended and re-filtered and then bottled.

Bacardi Gold – As one could surmise from the name, this is Bacardi’s Gold rum with hints of vanilla, walnuts and tropical fruits.

Bacardi Select – This is Bacardi’s dark rum. It’s aged for up to 4 years, and has hints of tropical fruits with a hint of vanilla.

Bacardi 8 – This is one of Bacardi’s premium rums. It’s aged for 8 years in oak barrels so the name is quite appropriate.

Bacardi Añejo – This is another gold rum by Bacardi, and one of their original products dating back to 1862. It is aged up to 3 years.

Bacardi 1873 Solera – This is one of Bacardi’s finest rums, and shouldn’t be used for mixing. This premium rum is aged and carefully blended for smoothness and flavor that makes this a fine sipping rum.

Bacardi Spiced Rum

Bacardi Oakheart – spiced and aged in charred oak barrels.

Bacardi Flavored Rums

The following is a list of available Bacardi rum flavors:

  • Bacardi Limón – Lemon
  • Bacardi O – Orange
  • Bacardi Razz – Raspberry
  • Bacardi Big Apple – A blend of multiple types of apples
  • Bacardi Coconut – Coconut (obviously)
  • Bacardi Dragon Berry – A blend of dragon fruit and strawberry
  • Bacardi Grand Melón – Watermelon
  • Bacardi Red Peach – California Freestone Peach
  • Bacardi Torched Cherry – a blend of Barbados Cherry and torched Plant Aloe.
  • Bacardi Rock Coconut – A blend of both coconut and the coconut water
  • Bacardi Arctic Grape – A blend of white grapes and Arctic berries.

Bacardi Pre-Blended Rum Cocktails

These are basically cocktails in a bottle. No need for mixers or anything because these cocktails have already been blended to perfection.

  • Strawberry Daiquirí
  • Mojito
  • Piña Colada
  • Bahama Mama

Bacardi’s Overproof Rum

Bacardi 151 – This is very high-proof rum with a proof of, obviously, 151 which is higher than the usual 70-80 proof. As with any high proof liquor, Bacardi 151 is flammable.

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