Types of American Whiskey

When it comes to whiskey, there are many different companies producing a wide variety of different types of whiskey and in varying levels of quality. Depending on an individual’s preferences, there are whiskeys available from a multitude of different locations all over the world. Canadian, Irish, English, German, and Scotch whiskeys are some of the most popular variations in the world, and constitute many different whiskey brands.

In the United States, there are thirteen distilleries that are responsible for producing roughly 99% of the whiskey consumed in the U.S. The two main variations of whiskey consumed in America are Kentucky bourbons and Tennessee style whiskeys. This article will serve to list and briefly describe some of the most popular whiskey brands, for the benefit of consumers everywhere.

Kentucky Bourbons

Jim Beam

Jim Beam is a well known producer of fine bourbon whiskey. This company has been around for almost 200 years, and their position within the whiskey business is well-established and highly reputable. They offer many different whiskey products, ranging from Jim Beam Original (aged 4 years and 80 proof), to Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, which is 90 proof and uses some of the excess extracted bourbon from the inside of the cask to create a stronger blend.

Knob Creek

Starting 1988, Knob Creek is a young company that produces a competitive bourbon whiskey product. Knob Creek is known for selling types of whiskey that are 100 proof; this company (owned by Jim Beam) offers a cut of bourbon whiskey that is somewhat stronger than many of their competitors. Knob Creek is really a young brand that is used to market whiskey to more youthful drinkers, and their high alcohol content, stylish marketing, and advertising strategies reflect this goal.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is a premium bourbon whiskey brand that is located in Woodford County, Kentucky. This is a variation of Kentucky bourbon that is more expensive than many other types of whiskey, primarily because it is a small batch and long aged type of whiskey. This is a brand known for their effective marketing and elegant aesthetic; they offer many different collectors sets and products that serve to solidify this reputation. Woodford Reserve crafts a whiskey blend that is suited to more refined and experience whiskey aficionados.


Distilled in Frankfort, Kentucky, this bourbon is a 93 proof and roughly 46% alcohol by volume. This is another premium whiskey product, since it is a small batch and single barrel brand of whiskey. Blanton’s is a brand that has involved itself heavily with events like horse racing, and so the Kentucky Derby has essentially become a massive promotional event for Blanton’s Kentucky bourbon whiskey. This is clearly evident, since the Blanton’s whiskey bottle features a small metal race horse and jockey atop it.

Tennessee Whiskeys

Jack Daniel’s

The best selling American whiskey in the entire world, Jack Daniel’s offers their customers a brand of sour mash whiskey that has become a favorite everywhere. With its iconic square bottle design and classic looking black label, Jack Daniel’s has made a name for themselves that most people can easily recognize. Founded in Lynchburg, Tennessee, Jack Daniel’s is a company that has truly stood the test of time.

Some of the different products offered by Jack Daniel’s include their original Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack (this is basically Old No. 7 but it is filtered more times for a smoother finish), single barrel (a 90 proof whiskey that comes from one single barrel in the company’s warehouse), and “Tennessee Honey”, which is basically a standard whiskey that has been infused with a honey liquor.

George Dickel

Introduced in 1877, George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey is both distilled and aged in a place called Cascade Hollow, Tennessee. This fine Tennessee whiskey is a 90 proof, and roughly 45% alcohol by volume. George Dickel whiskey actually uses the Scotch spelling of “whisky”, in part because its distillers believed that they were creating a whiskey that matched the quality of even the finest of Scottish whiskeys.

No matter what a whiskey drinker’s preference is, there is certain to be a specific blend or brand that suits them. With so many different nations producing their own wide variety of whiskey types, there are so many variations for people to enjoy. Whiskey is truly a classic beverage, with deeply-rooted historical ties to many different places all over the world.

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