Types of Alcohol Glasses

A good bar would have a wide range of beer and wine to choose from as well as basic bar glassware. Glassware usually offers entertainment and excitement for bar patrons or party guests. What most people do not know is that the glass your alcohol is served in is usually picked to optimize the alcohol’s taste and appearance. Knowing the types of alcohol glasses would enable you use the right one the next time you sip your favorite alcoholic drinks. Here are the major types of alcohol glasses.

Shot Glass – This is a tiny glass that often holds 1-1½ oz. of alcohol. Straight shots of alcohol—commonly vodka, tequila and whiskey—are served in this glass and should be drunk quickly.

Rocks Glass, Lowball Glass or Old Fashioned Glass – A lowball glass, also known as an old fashioned glass, is a short glass carrying between 8-10 oz. of liquor. Some of the drinks served in these glasses are vodka tonic, and rum and Coke.

Highball – Highball glass is a tall counterpart of the lowball glass and often carry 12-14 oz of alcohol. These glasses are often used for Bloody Marys, Collins cocktails, mojitos and Long Island iced teas.

Martini Glass – Martini glasses often hold 8-9 oz. of alcohol and just as the name suggests, they are used to serve Martini. Martini is made of either vodka or gin with little mixer. Other cocktails may also be served in martini glasses for sophisticated presentations.

Margarita Glass – Also known as a cocktail glass, a margarita glass holds 8-9 oz. of liquor. The common cocktails served in this glass are frozen cocktails such as daiquiris or margaritas, though a number of cocktails may be served in it for a festive look.

Hurricane Glass – This is a tall curvy glass that holds 10 oz. Some of the drinks served in it include tropical drinks garnished with fruit, as well as vodka tonic, whiskey sour, rum and Coke for a more celebratory presentation.

Wine Glasses – Although there are many types of glasses for wine, the common wine glass in a number of bars holds 9-11 oz. of wine. This glass is created to display the wine’s color and allow the wine’s scent to be felt while drinking.

Beer Glass – There are a wide variety of beer glasses though the gold standards are the stein and pint glass. The beer pint glass holds between 12 oz, and imperial pint glass holds 16oz, and the beer stein holds 10 oz. Some other types of beer glasses are the beer boot, and 1 liter beer mug.

Cocktail Glass – The cocktail glass has a wide rim which narrows to a skinny stem and its base widens back out to enable it sit on the table properly. Some of the most popular drinks are served in this glass, including martini.

Brandy Snifter –  The brim of this glass is narrow while the bottom is wide so that the drink’s aroma is concentrated within it. Expensive brandies are usually served in this type of glass.=

Whiskey Sour Glass – The rim of this glass is a bit wider than its base. The traditional whiskey sour is made up of lemon juice, bourbon and simple syrup.

In conclusion, choose any of the aforementioned types of alcohol glasses according to the type of alcoholic drink that you intend to serve. Choosing the right alcohol glass will certainly enhance your drinking experience.

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