Types of Absolut Vodka

There are different types of Absolut vodka with varying flavors and alcohol concentrations. The major types of Absolut vodka include,

Absolut ELYX: Elyx is a premium edition that comes as a replacement for Absolut LEVEL. This vodka is one of the finest unflavored vodkas with a velvety texture. Absolut ELYX can be added to juice or soda to enhance some flavor.

Absolut CILANTRO: This is one of the latest Absolut vodka releases that are well designed for daring creative minds. The first production of this Swedish Vodka was in 2013. The Absolut Cilantro vodka has two flavors, lime, and Cilantro. Perfectly used as cocktail on a cold chilly night.

Absolut HIBISKUS: Pomegranate and hibiscus flavored vodka. Regarded as one of the best flavored vodkas to be developed by Lars Olsson Smith, the man behind the first production of Absolut vodka.

Absolut CHERRYKAN: Cherrykan is another great vodka made from naturally grown ingredients. This vodka is cherry, sweet plum, and white cranberry flavored to perfection and forms one of the traditional Swedish vodkas with huge followers worldwide.

Absolut Grapevine: White grape, dragon fruit, and papaya flavored vodka. You might think that you are taking pure wine with this vodka; the taste is smooth with an alcohol concentration level that is slightly above 40%/80ml. A good one for starters.

Absolut orient Apple: Red apple and ginger flavored vodka that has its origin at the southern Sweden. Great apple taste that is perfectly designed for bold minds. Gives you an extra sense of belonging, improves on your body confidence, and makes you ready to face off with any impeding challenges.

Absolut wild tea: Black tea and elderflower flavored vodka. This vodka is made to perfection and is one of the few types of Vodka that can be blend with other types to form a perfect cocktail with a unique taste. Absolut wild tea is highly recommended for audacious young men out to have fun.

Absolut BERI ACAI: Acai, blueberry and pomegranate flavored vodka. Gentle vodka that is distilled with perfection and forms an essential drink for anyone looking for a drink that will help in reconstructing self-belief. BERI ACAI is Perfect vodka for a cold and chilly winter day.

Absolut mango: Mango flavored vodka, highly gentle and preferably good for beginners. This vodka is regarded as one of the best Absolut vodka brands that are doing well in the market.

Absolut PEPPAR: Flavored from roasted jalapenos, green tomato, and dried herb, this vodka is designed for veteran drinkers. Blend with fresh juice or soda to dilute the strong jalapenos flavor. This is the first flavored Absolut vodka to be produced.

Absolut mandarin: Orange and mandarin flavored Absolut vodka that is designed for a perfect taste on the tongue. Has great influence on the first few tots and available in 750ml bottles to keep you groovy for coming few days.

Absolut vanilla: Vanilla flavored vodka made from grains grown in southern Sweden. No added sugars, great taste and does not burn your throat. Take as a shot or blend other refreshment like soda for a great taste.

Absolut vodka, blue label: This is one of the first Vodkas to be produced in Sweden and contains 40%/80 alcohol levels. This vodka is available in 750ml bottles in major stores and online shopping sites.

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