The Big Lebowski Drinking Game Rules

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween? Do you have plans of hooking up with friends or family for the upcoming holidays? Want to make the experience extra special? Why not get into the groove and organize a Big Lebowski home movie extravaganza. Instead of the usual playful banters over popcorn and quesadilla, you may try a drinking game that will make everyone let their hair down for a while. Holidays and long weekend breaks are great time of the year to desensitize yourselves from stressful work and chore schedules and deadlines. Try this Big Lebowski drinking game rules and foster a lifetime experience that all of you will keep reminiscing for years to come.

the dude abides by the big lebowski drinking game rules

The Dude abides by the Big Lebowski Drinking Game Rules

Things You’ll Need

What better way to pattern this fun experience than from a movie where drinking is as common as breathing. Big Lebowski is a renowned cult classic because of its unique plot, visual imaginings, dream presentations, and extra-sizzling linguistics that will put the devil to shame. Sans the usual swearing and comedic efforts, all you need are the following to make this years Big Lebowski drinking game rules rock:

  • a fridge filled with beer (preferably in cans)
  • brandy glasses for the White Russian
  • pitchers to prepare this drink

White Russian Ingredients

  • 2 liters of Vodka
  • Kahlua or Tia Maria coffee liqueur
  • cream
  • ice

In addition, you might need:

  • finger-foods or something to munch while drinking and watching the movie
  • a next-day off from work
  • tomato juice (for hangover)
  • fierce attitude for fun and excitement

The Big Lebowski Drinking Game Rules

It would be too limited to only have a single rule for a such an amazing movie. You can come up with at most 5 rules to present to your guests. It is important that you lay down the mechanics before pushing the play button to ensure that you have everyone’s attention. If there’s a non-drinker in the group, you can task him as the “gunner” or someone who keeps tab of the drinking game mechanics for everyone. Present these three The Big Lebowski drinking game rules to your buddies, the rule with the most votes will be used during the duration of the movie/game marathon. Except where noted, “1 white russian” or “1 beer” etc. means to take 1 sip or drink of that beverage, not drink the entire thing.

Rule 1: Simplicity Ain’t Simple

  • Everyone should finish their beer (bottoms-up) each time the Dude drinks beer.
  • Everyone should finish their White Russian, each time he drinks one.

Rule 2: Play with Words

Every time these words are mentioned, drink the following:

  • F*%k / S#&T- 2 drinks from your White Russian
  • Vietnam – 1 can of beer
  • Dude – 1 shot of White Russian
  • Gold bricker – 1 beer
  • Money – 1 White Russian
  • travesty – 1 beer
  • Donnie / Larry – 1 White Russian
  • Beverage – 1 beer

Rule 3: Play It All

  • Two drinks of White Russian as the movie title unravels
  • Everyone take a shot each time the Dude smokes pot
  • 1 White Russian each time Donnie mentions Dude
  • 1 White Russian each time Dude mentions Donnie
  • 2 beers for every bowling strike
  • 2 shots of White Russian for the F-word
  • 2 short of White Russian for the SH-word
  • 1 drink of beer for every mention of Shommer Shabbas
  • 1 drink of beer each time the Dude drinks White Russian
  • 1 shot of White Russian each time the Dude drinks beer
  • 1 shot of White Russian when you see a firearm on screen
  • 1 beer for Hotel California song
  • 1 White Russian each time Santana’s Oye Como Va plays on the background
  • 1 beer for Kenny Roger’s Just Dropped In playing
  • 1 White Russian for all other songs
  • 1 beer when Dude is wearing his sunglasses
  • 1 White Russian when the Dude wears his Jellies
  • Drink everything on sight after the movie

Expect these fun-filled Big Lebowski drinking game rules to put more fun and excitement when bonding with family and friends, but of course keep the drinking safe and within reason.

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