Smoke or Fire Rules

The smoke or fire drinking game is probably the easiest one to understand, set up and play. It’s essentially a guessing game that results in one player drinking. It’s also sometimes called “black or red” but that’s boring.

What You Need To Play Smoke or Fire

  • 1 Deck of Playing Cards
  • 2 or more people – if you’re really a lonely bastard, you can even sit there and play this game by yourself however if you find yourself doing this you may need to reevaluate your entire life.
  • alcoholic drinky drinks

How to Play Smoke or Fire

Set up

There isn’t any set up. See? I told you it was easy. I mean the very least, you may have everyone sit in a circle/around a table, but that’s not even really necessary. It helps if everyone is within arms reach of the deck, but if you’re really lazy you can just have the nearest person to the cards flip them over.

Game Play

Starting with whatever random person wants to go first, he or she will take the top card from the deck. Without looking at the card, he or she will have to guess “smoke” or “fire” which correspond to black and red colored cards in that order. If the player has guessed correctly, play moves on to the next player (let’s say the next person in a clockwise direction). If the player has guessed incorrectly he or she must take a drink before play proceeds to the next player.

Additional Rules

Here are some optional rules for your amusement:

  • If the player is correct, he or she may make another player take a drink.
  • If the player is incorrect he or she must drink the number of drinks shown on the card.
  • Similarly, if the player is correct he or she is allowed to distribute those drinks amongst the other players.
  • After 3 consecutive correct guesses, the player may come up with a rule of their own. Not following said rule(s) will result in having to drink a predetermined amount of sips.

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