Scary Movie Drinking Game Rules

Scary Movie is known to be one of the funniest movies of all time with the way they parodied recent slasher movies. It would be fun to have some Scary Movie drinking game rules while spending the night with some cool friends in order to have some fun. One requirement is everyone should have watched the movie.

1) Guess movie being mocked

Scary Movie is all about mocking recent movies. In this game, everyone should form a circle and the first person should pause it in a scene where a movie is being mocked. Everyone will then guess which movie is being mocked and the person who gets it wrong will drink one glass of beer. For example, the first person can pause it in the scene where Marlon Wayans is saying “Can I tell you a secret? I see dead people!” then it is revealed that everyone had a lot of drugs so they just laugh it up. The movie being parodied here is obviously Sixth Sense because it is the scene where Haley Joel Osment’s character makes a revelation to the character of Bruce Willis that he is seeing ghosts.

2) Who is the ghostface killer?

Just like Scream, the ghostface killer in Scary Movie is more than one person. Everyone in the game must guess who the people are or they will have to drink a bottle of beer straight up. There are a lot of characters in the movie and there are even celebrity cameos in it so it would be pretty hard to guess it. Before watching the movie, everyone must already have a guess on who they think is the killer. Of course, everyone has their own opinion.

3) Guess actor being mocked

This one will probably be the hardest drinking game out of the three. In this game, the Scary Movie drinking game rules are very easy though. The tough part would be surviving it since this game is going to be very addicting. The objective would be for one person to say a character in the movie then he will point to one person then that person would guess the actor or actress that character is portraying in the movie it is parodying. For example, when the first person says Cindy the person he points to must say Neve Campbell because Neve is playing Sydney which is being mocked by the character Cindy being played by actress Anna Faris. If the person gets it right then he will say another character in the movie then point to someone else who must guess the actor who portrayed not the one in the movie but the one it is being mocked. It is very confusing for some players which is why the game is so fun. If the player says the actor playing the character in the movie itself then he has to drink a whole bottle. It is the same as saying the wrong thing because that is not the correct answer. The game would go on until everyone is laughing out loud and drunk.

There you have the rules for a Scary Movie Drinking Game. Feel free to share your own rules in the comments below!

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