Ring of Fire Rules

If you are having a party and you would like to have a fun drinking game for all of your guests to play then you may want to learn how to play Ring of Fire (also known as Kings Cup). It will be important for those that have never played to learn the ring of fire rules. This will also help to ensure that all of the needed supplies are available and ready for the game to begin.

This is really nice game to play when you have a lot of people because you will not have to leave anyone out. Hosts can have this game ready for anywhere from two to 20 players. No one will be left out. It also only takes roughly 25 minutes to play one game so you are not going to be totally monopolized by this game all evening. As you begin getting ready for this game you only have to have one deck of cards and your beer. If you have both of these and your guests you will be ready to have some fun.

To begin everyone will sit in a circle or around the table. Put your beer in the middle of the table and then spread out the cards in a circle, face down, around the beer. Each person will take turns pulling a card from the pile and do what the ring of fire rules state for the card that they pulled. The card is then placed under the tab of beer. Whoever pops the tab on the beer while trying to put their card under it will have to chug the beer.

The ring of fire rules for the cards are as follows.

Ace – When someone pulls and Ace then everyone has to drink.

2 – If the number two is pulled then that person gets to select someone to take two drinks.

3 – A number three means that you have to take three drinks.

4 – A number four is for all girls to take four large drinks of their beer.

5 – When a number five is pulled the rules state that it depends on if it is red or black. If it is black then you have to take five drinks but if it is red you get to pick someone to take five drinks.

6 – The number six means that all guys have to take six large drinks.

7 – A seven card will force everyone to have to point to heaven. The last person do that will have to chug their beer.

8 – Pay attention to the person across from you if you select a number eight because they will be required to take eight large drinks.

9 – When the number nine is selected the person that chose it will have to state a word. The speaking goes clockwise and everyone has to find a word that rhymes. The first person that is not able to do this will have to take nine drinks.

10 – You will be in charge of the game if you select the number ten because you can establish a rule that has to be followed and when the rule is broken by someone they have to drink. A new rule can be created each time that the number ten is selected. [See: Optional Ring of Fire Rules]

Jack – A jack will mean that you can select a category and then everyone has to name something in that category. Whoever cannot think of something will have to drink.

Queen – You can ask questions with a queen and if someone answers they have to drink.

King – Finally, a king means that everyone has to chug until the person who drew the card stops.

As you can see, this is not a hard game to play and it is sure to keep everyone laughing and having a great time. You might want to write down the rules for all of your guests before they get there and then hand them out. This can help to ensure that everyone knows how to play. It may also be a good idea for you if you are new to this game and you are still learning the rules yourself. In the end, everyone will be able to play and you do not have to spend any extra money to entertain your guests.

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