Pyramid Drinking Game Rules

Pyramid is a pretty basic drinking game for 3 or more people and is colloquially called “Beeramid.” The set up is fast and easy and the rules are about simple as it gets.

What You Need To Play The Pyramid Drinking Game

  • 1 Deck of Standard Playing cards
  • People – Minimum 3
  • Alcohol beverages
  • The ability to create a simple playing card pyramid. Not a tall fancy one, but a flat crappy one. You should be able to accomplish this rather easily depending on how much alcohol you’ve consumed.

How To Play Beeramid


You have to set up the pyramid starting with a base of 6 cards lying face down, and building up from there. You can use the incredibly helpful picture I’ve posted here on the right as a reference.

After you’ve built your beeramid, the dealer will then deal 4 cards to each player. The player is allowed to look at these cards only once after they’re dealt.

Game Play and General Pyramid Rules

  1. To begin the game, the card in the bottom left corner of the beeramid is flipped over.
  2. If you have a card in your hand that matches the face value of the card that’s been flipped, you can make another player take a drink a number of drinks equal to the amount of cards in the current row of the pyramid (6 to start). You also place your card face-down on the flipped card.
  3. If you don’t have a card of matching face value, you can attempt to bluff and make a player drink.
  4. The player(s) told to drink now have a chance to call bluffs. If a player calls a bluff, and it turns out the other player actually had the right card, the bluff-caller has to drink twice the initial amount of drinks. If the bluff is called and it turns out to be correct, then the bluffer has to take 2 x drinks.
  5. Turn over the next card and repeat steps 2-4. This continues as you work your way up the pyramid until all cards have been flipped.

There you have it. It’s a pretty basic game but can get out of hand pretty quickly especially if come out of the gate strong on the first level (6-12 drinks). I recommend starting with baby sips and conservative play if you plan on actually playing more than 1 round.

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