Popular “Made Up” Rules for Kings Cup / Ring of Fire

Kings Cup, also known as, Circle of Death, is a very popular and fun drinking game. You can use more than one deck of cards for this game. Also, this game is the most enjoyable when you have five or more friends playing with you. In the game, each card of the deck represents something. For example, if someone picks up a jack, then all of the men drink. There is a rule for each card of the deck.

However, depending on house rules, a certain card is a bit special because this allows the person that picks one to invent a rule in Kings cup. This card can be really fun as you can literally invent any rule. However, some people have a hard time coming up with a new rule. Thankfully the list below can give you ideas on fun rules to make.

Here is a list of popular rules:

Thumbs – If someone places their thumb on the table, everyone else must follow suit. The last person to do so, drinks.

No D words – Anyone that says drink, drank, drunk, etc at anytime of the game has to drink from his/her cup.

Table Touching – Anyone who touches the table during the game has to drink something. You can tough the table through objects, for example setting your beer on it, you just can’t physically touch the table.

No Names – If a person says a name of a person during the game, he or she must drink.

Whispering – If you aren’t whispering, then you got to drink. This is an excellent rule if you have nearby neighbors.

Super Trooper – You must say “meow” after you complete each sentence. As always if you break this rule, then prepare to drink.

Bilingual – The rule maker can choose an accent every player must make.

In My Pants – Similar to the Super Trooper rule. However, instead of saying “meow” at the end of the sentence, you have to say “in my pants” at the end of the sentence.

Strip – There are different variation of this rule. One way to play it is that if a person picks up a specific card he/she has to remove an article of clothing. You can also choose to set a rule that if anyone picks a royal card, he or she must strip. You can always be creative with this rule.

No Swearing – If you curse or swear you will have to drink.

No Point – If a player points, he/she has to drink.

Little Man Rule – Every player must pretend there is a little man on their cup. When they drink they have to remove that imaginary little man and put him on the table, then put him back on the cup when they are finished. If a person forgets this rule, he/she must drink again.

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