The Different Brands of Vodka

Vodka is among the most common and popular styles of liquor by comparing the distilled alcoholic spirits as a whole. There are many different brands of vodka from massive distilleries, to boutique [...]

Types of Absolut Vodka

There are different types of Absolut vodka with varying flavors and alcohol concentrations. The major types of Absolut vodka include, Absolut ELYX: Elyx is a premium edition that comes as a [...]

A List of the Different Types of Vodka

Vodka is one of the most popular liquor among the distilled spirits. The various types of Vodka differ from one another in alcoholic percentage and content. The alcoholic content also varies by [...]

The Different Types of Tequila

Simply put, tequila is a type of distilled spirit, created from the blue agave plant. It’s often created in Santiago de Tequila, Mexico and thus its name, tequila. Most types of tequila have [...]

Smoke or Fire Rules

The smoke or fire drinking game is probably the easiest one to understand, set up and play. It’s essentially a guessing game that results in one player drinking. It’s also sometimes called [...]

Mint Julep Recipe

There is a controversy as to the origin of Mint Julep. However, many accounts point to somewhere in the south of United States. The first account of Mint Julep came to the fore way back in 1803 in a [...]

The Perfect Manhattan Recipe

Alcoholic drinks are enjoyed at many occasions, especially if you create them yourself. You can share with friends, test out your own recipes, or simply just enjoy a cocktail at the end of a busy [...]

Planters Punch Recipe

Planters punch is one among those tall coolers that can transform your mindset to a Caribbean feeling as soon as you take a sip. Conjure up the image of a wide veranda with turquoise seas at a [...]

The Perfect Cosmopolitan Recipe

Are you thinking of preparing a the perfect cocktail drink. If you are, you are at the right place. In this article, we will look at the history and recipe for preparing the perfect cosmopolitan [...]

The Big Lebowski Drinking Game Rules

Looking for something fun to do this Halloween? Do you have plans of hooking up with friends or family for the upcoming holidays? Want to make the experience extra special? Why not get into the [...]
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