How To Make A Moscow Mule Recipe

The Moscow Mule, once as popular as the USA vodka craze, is a simple yet an astounding mule cocktail. It primarily constitutes vodka, mixed with ginger beer, lime and mint, and served in an equally simple but elegant copper mug.

Here is a detailed insight into the original Moscow Mule recipe and everything you would need to know about the drink.

What is the story behind the Moscow mule?

The Moscow mule recipe was spontaneously invented by three friends one evening at the Cock n’ Bull club on Sunset strip. As it goes, Jack Morgan, the club owner, was having a hard time selling his new homemade ginger beer to his customers. His friend John Martin, president of Heublein, had by chance made a stop for drinks and dinner. The liquor guru had by then just added the Smirnoff label to his inventory. In what had initially seemed a senseless idea, John Martin decided to mix his friend’s ginger beer with a shot of vodka, some mints and lime.

The craze for the cocktail started right after this when a friend who had by chance inherited a large inventory of copper mugs (which must have seemed of little use at the time) offered some for testing out the drink. As it would turn out, the Moscow Mule surpassed most other cocktails, with its popularity spreading fast and wide just as vodka was in the west. The classic copper mug became some sort of a signature, and to this very day, a Moscow Mule is not considered complete until it is served in a classic copper mug.


Recipe For Moscow Mule

To make a most appealing mug of Moscow Mule you will need:

  • 4.5cl vodka
  • 12cl ginger beer
  • 8 leaves of fresh mint
  • 0.5cl lime juice

How To Make The Moscow Mule Drink

To start off, fill the Moscow Mule mug with ice.

  1. Mix the ginger beer, vodka and mint taking care not to change the amount of each as this would alter the cocktail’s original taste.
  2. Continue by adding the lime juice and then stir gently to let the concoction integrate fully.
  3. Finish off by garnishing with a fresh slice of lime and you have a classic Moscow Mule drink.

Unfortunately, the craze that the Moscow Mule once stirred is no more, and the cocktail is hardly known of in most places in the west. To this end, some crucial details like serving in a standard Moscow Mule copper mug have been distorted, with people serving in all kinds of vessels. However, a standard copper mug is recommended as it not only adds some chill to the drink, but it also elicits a classic aura that goes a long way in giving the Moscow Mule its distinct smooth feel.

The drink nonetheless still holds its punch, and has been slowly making its way back into most pubs’ menus. Furthermore, considering how simple and fast it is to make, you can easily concoct a Moscow Mule yourself at home to get a better understanding of the craze behind the simple drink. If you are a fan of recipes, you will definitely want to try out a mug of Moscow Mule to partake in the passion shared by many other recipe fans worldwide.