The Different Types of Rum

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting the byproducts of sugarcane. It’s a distilled drink that has to go through processes of fermentation and distillation to mature. After distillation, the liquid is put in oak barrels to age. Rum is a spirit with a vast history and plays an active role in the society. The drink comes in many brands, types and labels to satisfy its various lovers in the market.

With the many types of rums, comes various grades and the main forms are light or dark rum. Light rums are not as aged as dark rums; their color is clear in appearance. Rum is stored in casks made out of oak. However dark rum is aged for longer ranging from 3 years up to 12 years. Darker types of rum have an enhanced aroma and flavor unlike the lighter types of rum.

The various rum variations and grades used for rum description depend on where rum was produced. But despite the different names used to describe rum, there are common terms that are used to describe the various types of rum and are as follows.

The Types of Rum

Light Rum – also known as silver or white rum, these types of rums have little flavor, apart from a general sweetness that the drink has. As a result, they are often used in cocktails. Light rums are filtered sometimes to remove any color after aging. Most of the light rums come from Puerto Rico. Their milder taste makes them ideal for using in drinks instead of drinking them straight.

Gold Rums – these are also known as amber rums. They are aged for a longer time than lighter rums. Due to the types of casks used to age them they have a darker hue. They have a woodsy flavor given the wood casks used to age them. They have a stronger taste than the lighter types of rum and can be categorized as being between the lighter rums and the other darker categories.

Dark Rum – Known for their particular hue such as brown, red rums or black, this type of rum are a grade darker than the gold rum. They are aged in strong barrels, for longer time this gives them a stronger flavor than the gold or light rums. There are small hints of spices together with a strong molasses or caramel tinge. Dark rum is commonly used in cooking and are often produced in Haiti and Jamaica

Spiced Rum – These are types of rums that are made from mixing different types of spices. They pick their tastes from the various spices used to make them. Most of these rums are darker in color and are founded on gold rums. Some of the spiced rums are dark in color, but one can find cheaper variations of the drink made from cheap brands of white rum that are later darkened with caramel to give them the dark color. Spices used on these types of rums include rosemary, pepper, and cinnamon among other types of spices.

Flavored Rums – Are rums that are infused with different fruit flavors. Fruits commonly used are bananas, orange, coconut, mango, citrus, lime or strafruit. Flavored rums are used to give flavor to other drinks that have been similarly themed. They are either drank alone or mixed with white ice. They have less than 40 percent alcohol

Overproof Rums – Rum usually has about 40 percent alcohol (80 proof); however it’s common to find rums with over 75 percent of alcohol in the market (150+). The most common example is probably Bacardi 151.

Premium Rum – These are the luxury type of rum available in the market. They cost higher than the regular types of rums because of the way they are produced. They are carefully aged and produced to meet high standards making them cost higher than the regular types of rums. They are often drank straight without having to mix with other drinks like the other types. They come with more flavor and character, given the way they are made.

Throughout history varying types of rum have been made giving people different flavors, brands and types to choose from. The different types of rum has made rum a popular drink throughout the world, with many people across all ages enjoying the different aromas and flavors the drink come in

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