The Different Types of Red Wine

Wine is a kind of drink that grows better with age, which makes it an exceptional drink for high societies that appreciate great tastes. Loved by man since time immemorial, this drink can win over any individual who tastes it. Anytime you think about wine, what comes to your mind is a velvety red wine. There are many different types of red wine that any connoisseur would probably get spoiled for choice.

Types of Red Wine

Malbec – Any type of meat based meal, particularly Indian, Cajun, Mexican and Italian dishes, can go well with Malbec wine. Popularly referred to as a perfect wine of Argentina, Malbec is a well-colored red wine which tastes berries, plums and spice.

Cabernet Franc – With vanilla, blackberry and cherry aromas, the Cabernet wine tastes best when cooled to about 60º F. Cabernet Franc goes well with pasta and poultry, the tannin is gentle and soft, and it has a smooth finish.

Sangiovese – Sangiovese wine can be best paired with Italian and other related Mediterranean cuisines. This moderate strong wine is characterized with fresh plum and berry flavors. It may also go well with mature cheese, chicken, fish, red meat and pork.

Beaujolais Nouveau – Germany grapes which make this red wine are produced in Beaujolais, France. Beaujolais Nouveau is characterized by fruity, ester taste of pear drops and bananas. It tastes best when taken with pastas, barbequed meats, cheeses and salads, and cooled to about 55º F.

Merlot – This red wine has a mellow softness and low acidity, and it can be paired with any type of food. Merlot produces the aroma of herbal flavors, plums and black cherry which fills one’s mouth with delight.

Barolo – You can enjoy the intense and rich taste of this red wine when it’s cooled to 60º F and served with barbecued meats. Having a deep crimson color, Barolo is the best example of red wines which grow better with age.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Ruby or dark purple in color and possessing a charming blend of rich flavors and aromas, this red wine can enhance the taste of dark chocolates, strong-tasting cheeses and simply prepared meat.

Dolcetto – Slightly fruity, soft and sweet wine, Dolcetto is regarded as an everyday wine due to its suitability with any food and soft tanning.

Pinot Noir – This light fruity wine has the aromas of plum, strawberry and cherry. It’s neither tannic nor acidic. The wine goes well with lamb, chicken and salmon.
Barbera Wine: This food friendly and low tannic wine offers the taste of plum and black cherry. It can pair well with any type of dish, particularly those with tomato juice.

Zinfandel – This is a robust wine with moderate acidity. Zinfandel taste depends on the ripeness of grapes which makes it. This pepper and berry flavor wine goes well with pizza, tomato-sauce pastas and barbecued and grilled meats.

With the increase in the number of countries that produce red wines, the types of red wine is an ever growing list. I will add to this list when I find new ones. If I’ve missed anything, let me know in the comments.

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