The Different Types of Alcohol Shots

The types of alcoholic shots are an ideal way of adding fun and excitement in diverse social events such as parties. They are also commonly used at homes by individuals who need to relax or feel the excitement elicited by alcohol. However it is important to know the different types of alcohol shots since different types are made in different ways and using different types of ingredients.

Alabama Slammer – This is a popular type of shots which is commonly used in parties and other varying social events. The shot varies depending on the final ingredients to make the final drink since different people use different types of ingredients. One of the popular types of Alabama slammer is made using one part amaretto almond liqueur, one part whisky, one part and one part cream. This combination should be poured in a stainless steel shaker over ice and then then shaken until completely cold. It should then be strained in old fashioned glass and served.

Kamikaze – This is also one of the popular types of shots and is most suitable to be served where people are in groups such as parties. The primary ingredients of kamikaze shots include vodka, lime juice and triple sec which when combined produce nice tasting and smelling shots.

B-52 – B-52 shots are usually very popular in places such as beaches in the coastal lines where people would like to have exiting and refreshing shots. In fact, many people who visit the beach have most likely ordered these shots without knowing their names since they usually looks very attractive. The main ingredients used to make B-52 shots are; amaretto, Irish cream and Kahlua.

Cherry Bomb – These are shots which not only provide refreshment to the body, but they also taste well. Mostly they are taken by people who usually do not like alcohol drinks with strong tastes. The ingredients used to make these shots are an energy drink, whisky and cherry vodka which should be mixed in to moderated ratio so as to avoid putting too little vodka or too much vodka which can lead to one getting too drunk.

Purple Hooter – The purple hooter is always considered as shots for ladies since they have a feminine taste and look. They also contain a significant lesser volumes of alcohol compared to various other types of shots. The shots are made using 7up, vodka and raspberry liqueur.

Three Wise Men – These are shorts which are made using a combination of three types of whiskies without adding anything else. This means the shots are pure alcohol and hence should be taken in considerate quantities. The usually whiskies used to make these shots are Jack Daniels, Jim Bean and Johnny Walker where the person making them should determine the ratios to use depending on their preference of a particular type of whisky.

It is evident that there are different types of alcohol shots which give one the option to choose their preferred type. However, one of the most important things is knowing how to combine the different ingredients so as to produce quality shot. It is also paramount to take the different shots depending on the occasion ant the number of people participating in the occasion. It is also paramount that regardless of the types of shots, it is paramount to use moderate quantities since almost all the types are relatively strong.


  1. Back in the early 80’s I use to order a shot at the bar called a cold shot. It was clear alcohol and the “cold” center hit you after doing the shot. Do you have any idea what alcohol was used to make this?

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