Classy Drinking Games

This category is for all the classy ladies and gents who want to play drinking games. Below, you will find a list of our favorite drinking games and clicking through the link will bring you to the rules for that drinking game.
Drinking Card Games
Most people have a deck of cards lying around, and if you combine those cards with a bit of alcohol, fun times can be had by all. Here are 3 of our favorite card drinking games.

Kings Cup – This game involves the use of cards, obviously, and a cup called the “Kings Cup.” The cards are spread around the cup face down, and players draw the cards and follow the tasks associated with the number on each card.
Smoke or Fire – This game is also called “Red or black” and is essentially a 50/50 guessing game where you attempt to guess whether the next card on a deck is red or black. If you get it wrong you drink.
Beeramid – This is basically a modified version of a solitaire game, except you probably shouldn’t play this game alone because that would be pretty sad. It involves creating a 6-base pyramid of face down cards, and matching your card to the next card in the pyramid. It’ll make more sense when you click through to the rules page for this game.

Dice Drinking Games
Much like cards, pretty much everyone has dice somewhere in their house, making these games quite easy to “set up.” Some of our favorites include:

3 Man
Catch The Pig

TV and Movie Drinking Games
These games involve watching a popular movie or tv show. Rules are established that involve drinking during certain events in the movie. Things like characters using catch phrases, or certain actors appearing on screen are popular event choices. Some popular movies and shows user for this include:

The Big Labowski
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There are also games that include various tests of physical skill. One popular example is beer pong which involves players throwing ping pong balls into beers arranged in a pyramid shape on the opposite side of a ping pong table.

There are also games that may or may not have been intended to be drinking games, and while they’re good by themselves, the experience is enhanced by drinking. Some of our favorites are:

Cards Against Humanity – Only to be played if you find being a terrible person hilarious. Which we do.
Trouble or Sorry – These games can get surprisingly volatile when you start smashing your opponents pieces back to home base.
Risk – Use caution with this one as you may end up losing friends if you end up mixing alcohol with Risk.

Remember to always keep it classy and drink responsibly.. These games are best used as ice breakers, and not for ingesting as much alcohol as possible as quickly as possible. A round or two will do for most drinking games. You’ll actually often find as the party warms up and people get to talking, the game will quickly be forgotten about as conversations and whatnot ensue.

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