Bridesmaids Drinking Game Rules

Watching a chick flick with all of your best girl friends is always fun, but mixing in a little bit of alcohol makes it a blast! One of the most comedic and relatable films that are perfect to incorporate into a ladies night movie part is without a doubt, Bridesmaids. In this movie we get to follow some of the funniest woman in comedy such as Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, compete over who is the bride’s (Maya Rudolph) best friend. To make this movie even more hilarious, follow the Bridesmaids drinking game rules. Taking a series of shots of your favorite liquor while watching this movie is a sure way to bust out tons of knee slapping laughter and quite the ‘buzz’.

Rule Number One: Take a shot any time anyone in the movie says “Wedding.”
The entire plot of the movie is based upon a wedding and it’s bridesmaids so you are sure to be taking quite a bit of shots. Be sure to listen closely because these offbeat and crazy bridesmaids throw this ‘W’ word around a lot from beginning to end.

Rule Number Two: Take a shot any time Megan talks about anything violent.
Megan Price is played by the beloved Melissa McCarthy, in the movie she is the future sister in law of the bride. Megan is known to be quite abrasive with a little side of violence and who can forget raunchy. Through her loud burps, she fits in a lot of talk about violence whether it involves falling off a cruise ship or planning a female fight club, Megan is one tough chicky you don’t wanna mess with!

Rule Number Three: Take a shot whenever Rita talks about how much she hates her family.

Rita makes it very well known that she hates her family and being a parent when she tells the story about her nine year old son who demanded they ordered pizza after she made a lovely dinner and when she refused, he let out some very nasty language for a boy of his age. When the girls are feeling discourage, Rita uses her hateful family anecdotes to help give them a boost of encouragement – so be ready for some shots!

Rule Number Four: Take a shot whenever Annie makes a situation more difficult.
Annie is the brides best friend and made of honor but isn’t always making things easier for everyone else. Rita tends to make some wrong choices whether she is cussing at rude customers or booking a coach flight – she tends to put herself and her fellow bridesmaids into some sticky situations that are hilarious to watch and even more fun to drink along with.

Rule Number Five: CHUG Every time someone takes a poop!

After trying on dresses, the bridesmaids, except Helen, come down with a pretty nasty case of food poisoning that causes quite the scene of accidents in bathroom sinks, in the middle of the road and a couple other undesirable areas. Get your shot glasses ready because this is one explosive scene that will have you gulping down your liquor.

There you have the rules for the Bridesmaids Drinking Game. Feel free to share your own rules in the comments below!

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