A List of the Different Types of Beer

There are two major types of beer, namely Ales and lagers. The major difference is the level of temperature at which the alcoholic drink is fermented. Note that Ales are fermented at hotter [...]

A List of the Different Types of Liquor

Liquor is a generic term used to describe any alcoholic spirit distilled from vegetables, fruits or fermented grain. It is an alcoholic drink produced from pure distillation rather than sugar [...]

A List Of The Different Types of Wine

Wine is one of the most sophisticated drinks in the world, rich in flavor but yet so simple. Its diversity comes from the different types of grapes, where it is grown and in what manner is produced. [...]

Pyramid Drinking Game Rules

Pyramid is a pretty basic drinking game for 3 or more people and is colloquially called “Beeramid.” The set up is fast and easy and the rules are about simple as it gets. What You Need To Play [...]

Best Moscow Mule Mugs – 2016

Why are these the “best” Moscow mule mugs? Who makes these lists? According to what aesthetic are these chosen? Shhhh – No more questions, only consumption. Buy a mug. Hammered [...]

Types of Dark Beer

Beer is one of the most popularly accepted alcoholic beverages. Beer has 4% to 6% alcohol content in them and is the third most popular drink after water and tea. Beers are of different types and can [...]

Types of German Beer

Beer is a significant part of German culture. Germany has the distinction of having one of the world’s highest per-capita consumption of beer. At 107 liters per person, it stood 2nd in beer [...]

Types of Single Malt Scotch

Scotch drinkers like keeping things simple. You can simply make a perfect Scotch cocktail, contrary to this most scotch lovers love the smoky flavor unembellished except may be for ice, a splash of [...]

Types of Beer Glasses

Beer glasses which are also known as beer glassware in some context play an important role in making ones drink enjoyable. There are several types of beer glasses where each one is specially designed [...]

Types of Malibu Rum

Malibu rum is a low proof  (42 proof) flavored rum that blends rum and coconut. In addition to their main type of rum – Malibu Original, they also make a variety of other rum products. Below is a [...]

The 5 Best Scotch Brands By Sales

Johnnie Walker If we are going simply by the amount sold then Johnnie Walker is by far and away the leader with no less than 15.9 million cases sold at the last count in 2010. That’s 191,000,000 [...]
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